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Chineeeasy Flashcards are a fun and easy way to learn important Chinese vocabulary, whether you are going to China or studying at home. This beginner's deck combines colour, conciseness and convenience into a set of high frequency Chinese words suitable for learners of all ages. These cards are produced in a playing card style and come with a free Android app and game instructions.

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Some of the highlights of this product are:

    ● High frequency words
    ● Useful for HSK beginner's test
    ● Stroke numbers for writing practice
    ● Colours for memory retention of tones to assist visual learners
    ● Language points to clarify certain words
    ● Measure words included for some nouns
    ● Concise, uncluttered definitions
    ● Large easy to read fonts
    ● Convenient, portable card size
    Games for learning

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Two of the greatest challenges for people learning Chinese in particular are tones and characters. Chineeeasy Flashcards have attempted to make these two difficulties less intimidating by both employing Nathan Dummitt's colour coding to make it easier to remember the tones and also having characters only on the front of the card so the focus shifts away from pinyin recognition to character recognition, while still making the cards aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to hold.

Most people like to have goals to keep themselves motivated and to give them a sense of pride when accomplishing the goal. The HSK is a Chinese proficiency test. The vocabulary in Chineeeasy flashcards are all from the HSK basic word list, in addition, all the vocabulary are in the top 1000 most common Chinese word list. This set of flashcards will provide you with a solid foundation in Chinese, regardless of whether you are preparing for a test of just familiarizing yourself with some basic Chinese.

If you're looking for a good Chinese dictionary for Android, please check out c3Dict

For even more information, including games that can be played with the cards, please click here